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Technology - What can we do to help ourselves?

Technology is a tool that allows you to run your business efficiently, flexibly and virtually, from anywhere. It allows you and your staff to be more productive, less reactive and keep your business in good shape.

So what can you do to get operations running more smoothly and feeding back to you the information you need to keep you on top of managing the business?

1. Thinking about how your business operates write down the steps involved from finding a customer to delivering your product/service.

2. Map the applications you use to the various operational stages. For example: Customer information into your CRM App; Map Product/Service details against customers; Map sales against Customers and the Finance App.

3. Review where your business is at this point and decide how much more integrated you want to make the whole process.

This will give you an excellent starting point to integrate your business operation and you can then plan how to go about it, either internally or by talking to external experts.

Integrating the business operation, procedures and processes means:

- the right people in your organisation have access to the right information,

- it provides an audit trail,

- it will shorten the induction time for new staff

- and very importantly give you business continuity by implementing best practice security protocols, backup procedures and if the worst should happen substantially shorten any recovery time.

Importantly, you will see how your business is doing against the KPI's you have set.

Call us for a no obligation discussion and make the technology work for you.

Richard   M.Inst.D, FRSA

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