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August 2016 - Digital Marketing

Over the last weeks I have been trying to get to grips with digital marketing and all that goes with it.

One of the business sciences that has always alluded me is the marketing piece. No idea why. So decided to address this and learn more about it, well the bits I need anyhow. So of course everything else has slipped a little. Keeping all the plates spinning is a timeless issue. One I enjoy, but always fraught with trying to keep it all in the air.

So, digital marketing. Well getting there. A professionally produced campaign is running and slowly gathering speed so trying to help it along by advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook and working out how to use these rich resources to their best effect and then analysing whatís going on, whose looking, interested and so forth. And thatís what takes the time. Like all areas of business it is understanding the subtleties that help make things more professional, effective and cost beneficial.

Still not an expert and a long way to go, but some of the unknowns have been dispelled. But like all these things, when running a small business (or a number of them) outsourcing to the right professional really pays dividends.

Richard   M.Inst.D, FRSA

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