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16 March 2016

Welcome to our first Blog. Hopefully they will mature over time and cover things of interest to those we are working with in the various guises of businesses we help and support ... which are diverse but have the theme of technology running through them.

Not knowing much about Blogging, I have been doing a bit of reading up, looking at the various posts and realised that I will just end up breaking all the rules: failing the 'so what' test! Hopefully with a bit of practise something useful will come out of them and importantly we all might learn something, impart a bit of wisdom and who knows what else?!

We like to be a bit different so hope to find a few interesting topics which are a bit out there and keep you abreast of work we are involved with, which will, hopefully, be of benefit to you as well.

Richard   M.Inst.D, FRSA