Absolute Solutions addresses the common technology challenges that you face. We thrive on finding solutions to any problems you may encounter. Driven by the passion of our founder, Richard Long, we are daring, bold and intuitive, bringing common sense, vision, order and structure in an increasingly complex technology driven world.

We are specialists. We work with you, the consumner and SME's (small to medium sized enterprises), addressing the challenges you face and providing gobbledygook free help, support and solutions.


There are numerous technology challenges out there. Here are some you may be familiar with:
  • a common cry: "My IT isn't working"
  • I can't find my data. It's in the cloud somewhere!
  • am I secure online, is my computer secure.
  • I haven't backed up my data!
We are here to help you achieve your goals. Call us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion.


Technology Integration

Integrating technology within the business is a key strength. This covers making more from the systems you have, integrating the business process, reducing waste, increasing efficiencies and hence improving ROI, above and below the line. No job is too large or small and we are always happy to have that no obligation discussion.

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Non-Executive Director Work.

If you are looking for an experienced non-executive director (NED), to add value to your business, act as a sounding board, mentor or just looking for a different point of view - give me a call.


Technology Support
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No techspeak, just simple advice and step by step support.

Associate Planet
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Business focussed technology help, support and solutions for the SME. Expertise and technology solutions for the industrial, manufacturing, financial, pharmaceutical and airport markets.

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A new generation in modular datacentre technology.