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19 September 2016

Jury Service:

It has been an interesting month thus far and in catch up mode after spending a couple of weeks on Jury Service. A very interesting experience. A lot of time was spent waiting around but the cases themselves were most interesting as well as meeting different people.


Slowly getting a grip of the digital marketing piece and all the information that can be gleaned from it, of which there seems to be a huge amount. A bit of an art trying to distill it down.

As part of extending our reach, teaming up with a good friend through the RSA, Mark Hadley of Shredded Neat to extend our security credentials and widen the offering and support to customers and businesses who want to improve the security of their business, systems, data. Shredded Neat are a growing secure shredding company, securely disposing of paper work and electronic data, sensitive hardware such as disks etc, so you know your company details are safely disposed of.

Richard   M.Inst.D, FRSA

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