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Let's Simplify Technology

Computers; hardware; software; cloud; digital; they’re around us and impacting on our lives minute by minute. Technology moves very fast and can be all consuming, even for those of us well experienced in the business. Add to this the gobbledygook surrounding technology, it is sometimes surprising that any of us understand it at all!

Technology and IT are tools to assist you in running your business efficiently and apart from regular servicing and maintenance it should run smoothly. Of course, getting to that stage will take time and effort but once it is fit for purpose within your business and the corresponding processes and procedures are in place, it will look after itself.

What do you need to find this technology utopia? Well, someone who understands you, the business, IT and someone who speaks your language. There are a few of us out there, as we have been through the pain, the design, the build and the implementation to run our businesses this way.

Of course, we also have to think of other issues which are very prominent these days – one being Security. Every company should have a business continuity procedure, backup procedure and some form of encryption on their business data. All this is relatively inexpensive and there is no excuse for not having a regular backup process in place, working and regularly checked. None of these things are expensive for the SME to implement - until the day you have a security issue. So, what price peace of mind and a well managed business?

Call us for a no obligation discussion and make the technology work for you.

Richard   M.Inst.D, FRSA

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