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Marketing and the SME

Integrating marketing into the business has been coming up a lot lately with the smaller and medium sized businesses out there. Appears to be one of those areas that people find hard to grasp, quantify and define benefit from. Even though there is a plethora of marketing consultants and companies around.

Digital marketing and the scope of keeping the marketing budget spend down but still very effective has, I think, caught many people out and they are now trying to walk through the plethora of options available including the usual suspects LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. And getting noticed without de valuing the brand. Of course, being 'digital' it plays into the technology space and how to use and capitalise on it and integrate it into the current business ethos, business processes and sales generation.

It's a good time to look at the Marketing strategy and plan and integrate it with the business strategy and plan for the coming years. So, get someone in to give you an independent view or go to your marketing consultant and tune up. Make the most of what the technological market space can give you.

Richard   M.Inst.D, FRSA

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